Importance of Educating Your Children About Vaccines and Other Issues.

Some years ago I read an article about educating children and the effects of television on children, and I found  it was very interesting how the human mind gathers, processes and absorbs information.

It seems that what the mind hears first, if it sounds plausible (and what doesn’t to a young child), the mind retains and regards that first information as fact; even years later. The article further went on to report that when a person hears something that contradicts the previous information, the mind will most often just reject that information without further thought. This is especially true if the information came from a trusted source like parents or school.

This highlights the importance of educating your children long before they get to school or even pre-school as they are being indoctrinated with propaganda at an early age at these institutions. They are being told by teachers, principals, school nurses and other parents that vaccinations are safe and effective and that the unvaccinated are causing the epidemics responsible for the deaths of other children.

There are also printed materials at school from Governments telling children it’s the responsible and smart thing to do, not to mention the many cartoons, children’s programs and movies that all weigh in on this topic.

This is the primary reason for me writing my children’s books – Melanie’s Marvellous Measles, Sarah Visits A Naturopath, Vegetarian Muscles and Don’t Bully Billy.

They are all written to educate your children and also leave room for you to add information. Many have told me the books have created a great discussion amongst children as old as 16 years, and, I have had several parents tell me they became better educated from reading these books to their children also.

Here’s a summary of each book:

Melanie’s Marvellous Measles

In this book Melanie has measles despite being fully vaccinated. Her friend Tina goes to visit her after school. Tina’s mother takes some foods to help Melanie get through the measles. Melanie tells Tina what it’s like to have measles and they go and play together. Tina is not scared of measles as other children in her class were. She happily hugs her friend. Tina is not vaccinated as her brother had a bad reaction to his shots so Tina’s parents looked into the issue. They decided it was not worth the risks. For Australia, N.Z. and U.K. this book is available on  For all other countries it is available on


Sarah Visits A Naturopath

Sarah is invited to lots of birthday parties that take a toll on her health so her mother takes her to a naturopath who talks to Sarah about why she is unwell and what she can do naturally to improve her wellbeing. The Naturopath briefly talks about the role a fever, and about vaccines being full of toxins and not working.

This book is designed to educate children about taking responsibility for their health and reinforces what parents are telling them.

Often children will ‘switch off’ when being told by a parent about eating sugar, drinking plenty of water etc., so this book serves to strengthen parent’s efforts. Available only on


Don’t Bully Billy

Not one child in Western society escapes the horrors of bullying. It is truly a global issue that has been going on for decades now. The problem is seldom addressed at a deep level. This book addresses the true cause of bullying and gives children skills and ideas on how to tackle the issue whether they are a bystander or the person being bullied. The book is careful not to demonize the bully. One mother read the book to her 7 year old son who then opened up to the mother about being bullied that very day. This book is for every child because every child will see, hear about or be involved in bullying at some time in their childhood. Available at and also

 Billy Illustrations front-cover-2-web

Vegetarian Muscles

In the media and in jokes, too often  vegetarians are portrayed as weak. In this book this myth is put to bed when the children learn about their vegetarian animal friends. The parents in the book talk about organic gardening, protein sources, sustainability and respect for the planet.

There are plenty of openings for parents to open up discussion about why they have chosen vegetarianism from a health angle as well as from an environmental and spiritual perspective.

This book is only available on


The books are A4 size and have 32 pages of text and beautiful, colourful illustrations that keep the children interested and focused.

These books are a great gift idea for kids to give to their friends and cousins, and for grandparents to keep handy to read when the grandkids come to visit.

Get a few of each to be ready for when a gift is needed in a hurry!

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